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When we first started in this business years ago we were learning just like you.  In the beginning, we bought from companies like DH Gate, Alibaba, Aliexpress, Chinavasion, and more and unfortunately we received a lot of complaints about quality, particularly leaking cartridges and cartridges that won't fire.  It got so bad that customers told us they were experiencing 10-20% leak/defect rates. That is not good, as we all know distillate whether CBD or THC is very expensive, and its hard to extract it out of a bad cartridge. 

We started this business to provide solutions for our clients, not problems.  We decided to visit China and meet with all the top manufacturers in the Shenzhen district.  Our goal was to deal directly with manufacturers that only use the highest quality materials and a production staff that focuses on the highest levels of quality control.  And that is how Vape Supply Warehouse began.  We appreciate your business and if there is anything you need, please reach out to us. Thank you, Vape Supply Warehouse Inc.

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I use to purchase off DH Gate and Aliexpress and I realized i was getting about 10% or more cartridges that were defective.  I pay a little more with Vape Supply Warehouse, but the money I save in wasted distillate is worth it, plus my customers don't bring back leaking cartridges to me anymore, thanks Vape Supply Warehouse!

Matika S.

Love the fact these guys have multiple cartridges in stock that already have logo's.  Ask them about their repeat customer discount, I now receive a lot lower pricing after placing 3-4 orders with them and I am very happy with their customer service and fast shipping options...

Elizabeth Morroco

I was tired of paying tariff import taxes when I placed my orders overseas.  Not only do I have to pay for custom fees, but it delays my order another 2-3 days and for me time is money. If I can't fill vape cartridges, I can't make money. Vape Supply Warehouse helped me in a pinch and was able to overnight my order.  I almost missed out on a $5,000 profit, my client would have bought from someone else if I wasn't able to fill them in time. Thanks again guys, your the best and your going to get all my business going forward!!!

Vape Cart Guy


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