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Slim JUUL style vape batteries (works with JUUL pods) as low as $5.99 each

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These JOLL batteries are an exact replica of the JUUL style vape pens that you find commonly on the market today.  We have had clients tell us directly that these JOLL vape pens are actually better quality then the JUUL vape pens and we believe them, we tried out several ourselves. 

For being such a small and light battery it has a surprisingly long battery life. It powers the JUUL vape pods effortlessly, and it provides a very smooth vapor making it easy on the lungs. 

This battery is an automatic battery which means you do not have to push any buttons for it to operate. Simply draw or inhale and the battery does its job. You will notice a white light that will stay lit as long as you are inhaling. After 7-8 seconds you will notice that the battery will blink to automatically shut off - as to not overheat the battery or the oil solution. 

If you notice the white light blinking several times after just a second or two of use, the battery is most likely dead and will need to be recharged (with the included charger)

Kit includes:

JOLL 280mah automatic battery

USB charger