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Amigo Liberty V9 Vape Cartridges as low as $1.84 each

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This is a 5 star grade vape cartridge. There are very few vape cartridges that make the 5 star grade. In order for a cartridge to receive this title it must pass the following tests:

1) the cartridge must not leak whether the oil solution is thick or thin

2) at least 5,000 units have to be sold with less than a 1 percent defect rate

3) cartridge must come from the same manufacturer with a proven track record

4) no customer complaints

This is one of the best wholesale vape cartridges we carry, as well as one of the best on the market. 

Our wholesale amigo liberty V9 cartridges are one of the best cartridges on the market! If you're tired of losing oil due to leaky vape cartridges, then the amigo liberty V9 is your solution. These are very high quality. The ceramic coil is built into the metal rod which is completely removable and makes it extremely easy to fill!

Feature Benefits:

  • Lowest leak rate in the industry
  • Solid, heavy, quality craftsmanship your customers will appreciate
  • Extremely easy to fill, entire metal rod is removable 
  • Coil is built onto metal rod which eliminates any leaking potential
  • Save money - extremely low leak and defect rate
  • Measuring line makes filling that much easier
  • Gold plated connectors ensure optimal connection to battery

These amigo liberty V9 vape cartridges are offered in both 0.5ml and 1.0ml sizes which are the most common sizes of vape cartridges on the market today. No need to pay extra for tubes, tubes come with FREE with this product!