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These Fairy Tank vape cartridges work great with thin oils.  In fact, this is the best cartridge on the market today for thin oil solutions. This particular vape cartridge offers benefits other cartridges do not. 

WARNING: This cartridge will NOT work with thick oils because thick oil cannot drip down into the reservoir area where the ceramic coil is located. The coil can burn out if oil cannot surround it. 

1)  This fairy tank cartridge has a hidden reservoir underneath the glass which allows oil to surround the ceramic coil 360 degrees. It is similar to a "moat of water" where the oil surrounds the entire coil area. This is why this cartridge works great with thin oil. The oil has to be thin enough to penetrate the hidden reservoir area below the glass. 

2)  Fairy tanks are hybrid cartridges meaning they are part organic wick and part ceramic coil. Organic cotton wraps around the entire coil allowing oil to soak in at a consistent rate and flow without causing pressure or leaking issues. 

3)  Fairy tank vape cartridges have replaceable coils. The coil can be unscrewed from the bottom and replaced with another.  Unfortunately, the cost of the replacement coils are close to the cost of a complete fairy tank. We do not carry replacement coils in stock, but we can special order them. 

Our clients tell us this is one of their favorite cartridges for taste and large cloud vapor.  

  • Coils:  Replaceable  
  • Capacity:  0.5ml and 1.0ml  
  • Used for:  Thin Oil and E liquid  
  • Resistance:  2.0 - 2.4ohm  
  • Packaging:  Plastic tube
  • Thread:  510 thread  
  • Material:  Metal and glass  
  • Certificate:  CE, RHOS  
  • Color:  Silver