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Gun Metal Amigo X5 vape cartridges as low as $2.14 each

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This is a 5 star grade vape cartridge. There are very few vape cartridges that make the 5 star grade. In order for a cartridge to receive this title it must pass the following tests:

1) the cartridge must not leak whether the oil solution is thick or thin

2) at least 5,000 units have to be sold with less than a 1 percent defect rate

3) cartridge must come from the same manufacturer with a proven track record

4) no customer complaints

The Amigo Liberty X5 vape cartridge is different from other cartridges on the market. First of all, it has a total of six oil holes while other cartridges only have two or four holes. These extra oil holes allow oil to flow over the ceramic coil more evenly. Plus, it allows more oil to enter the coil area resulting in larger vapor production. These cartridges feature the new T-core metal rod technology.

Tired of not being able to get every last bit of oil? Unlike other cartridges that have the oil holes drilled on the metal rod, these X5's have the oil holes drilled into the metal disc that sits flush with the bottom where all the oil sits. This cartridge guarantees that every bit of oil is used and nothing goes to waste. 

Available in 1.0ml (1 gram)

Color: Gun Metal

Tank capacity: 1.0ml (1 gram)

Intake holes size: 6 x 1.2mm

Coil type: ceramic coil

Diameter: 11.2mm

Thread: 510


- T-core metal rod with ceramic coil

- T cell fast heating

- Liquid going onto the air hole from the top

- Adjustable top airflow