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wholesale gold ccell vape cartridges
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Wholesale Gold C-Cell Vape Cartridges as low as $1.29 each

Regular price $4.99 Sale

These wholesale gold c-cell vape cartridges have larger holes and work best with thicker solutions. They are made very well, great quality!  Each cartridge has 4 oil holes. The oil holes fall between 1.6mm and 1.8mm size. These cartridges are an exceptional value for the price (as low as $1.29 per unit). 


  • Large cloud vapor
  • Great for thicker oils
  • Solid quality metal and glass components
  • Multiple (4) oil holes helps absorb oil quicker
  • Best quality for the price (biggest bang for buck)
  • Moderately easy to fill
  • Clean ceramic coil

These gold c-cell vape cartridges are offered in both 0.5ml and 1.0ml sizes which are the most common sizes of vape cartridges on the market today. No need to pay extra for tubes, tubes come with FREE with this product!