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WT36 Ceramic Coil Vape Cartridges as low as $1.89 each

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This is a 5 star grade vape cartridge. There are very few vape cartridges that make the 5 star grade. In order for a cartridge to receive this title it must pass the following tests:

1) the cartridge must not leak whether the oil solution is thick or thin

2) at least 5,000 units have to be sold with less than a 1 percent defect rate

3) cartridge must come from the same manufacturer with a proven track record

4) no customer complaints


  • Save money, no more wasting oil on leaking cartridges
  • Solid cloud vapor
  • Easy to fill
  • Reliable and dependable
  • Unique ceramic coated oil hole for better flavor


  • Capacity - 0.5ml
  • Diameter - 10.2mm
  • Coil - Ceramic
  • Color - Silver or Gold

We ONLY sell wholesale, however we offer our clients the opportunity to purchase single units in order to test them before committing to larger purchases.